That is the Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors BMW Service promise.

We Care!That is the Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors BMW Service promise.


The BMW philosophy of driving is all about pleasure. Our unique BMW service packages give you the opportunity to experience our hallmark driving pleasure in a carefree way.

It is as simple as that: BMW service packages cover all scheduled service and maintenance of your car and wear-and-tear repairs*, too, thus giving you the freedom to concentrate on your number one priority: sheer driving pleasure.

*Depending on the service package.

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Our guarantee for your driving pleasure.


If you buy a new BMW, you’ll want driving pleasure to come as guaranteed. For this reason, BMW provides a warranty, which starts from the first registration of the vehicle with unlimited mileage and lasts for:

Warranty Period

■ 2 years for the vehicle itself
■ 3 years against paint defects
■ 12 years against rust

Parts Warranty

■ 2 years unlimited mileage starts from the date of invoice
■ Mobility & Service related parts are provided by BMW for a minimum period of 12 years. Subsequent to the 12 years BMW is supporting BMW classic to conserve to BMW classic vehicles and to enable restoration of those vehicles.

Warranty Coverage

■ Spare parts, labour fees for fixing any malfunction within the warranty period, transportation costs to the nearest dealer in case of an engine breakdown
■ Tyre warranty, provided by the tyre manufacturer and in coordination with the BMW dealer
■ Wheel alignment and door adjustment for a period of 6 months or 10,000km (whichever comes first)
■ Tyre balance in the first 2,000km
■ Xenon headlight bulbs, except for regular light bulbs for only one year

The BMW Warranty does not cover

■ Wear-and-tear parts (such as brake disks and pads)
■ Defects arising from the use of contaminated fuel
■ Defects caused by external influences (such as storms and floods)
■ Defects arising from failing to bring in the car for periodical service at the required intervals and negligence towards alerts regarding drop in engine oil or coolant levels
■ Defects arising from fitting non original BMW parts and accessories
■ Defects due to the vehicle participation in racing events

For more information please contact your BMW dealer.


Covers essential service and maintenance.

The BMW philosophy of driving is all about pleasure. Not caring about maintenance costs. To experience driving in a carefree way, subscribe to BMW Service Inclusive Plus.

Within the agreed period of validity (starting from the first registration date or until the agreed duration** or mileage is reached – whichever comes first), this unique Service Package covers the vehicles due maintenance work:

■ Engine oil change (incl. engine oil filter)
■ Engine oil top up after the first 5,000km if needed
■ Vehicle check and standard scopes
■ Service/replacement of AC filter
■ Service/replacement of air filter
■ Service/replacement of spark plugs
■ Service/replacement of brake fluid
■ Replacement of windscreen wiper and rear window wipers if worn and only with oil service
■ Replacement of front /rear brake pads and, if necessary, front/rear brake discs after calipering

For more information please contact your BMW dealer.

*BMW Service Inclusive is not a warranty coverage.
** Based on the coverage taken.

  • How to know the time for your next service is due?


■ Organisation of your time
In conjunction with BMW’s innovative maintenance system, you can plan pending service appointments in good time.

■ Peace of mind
You can forget about service, maintenance and, depending on the package, wear-and-tear repair and vehicle defect repair costs.*

■ Guaranteed BMW quality
Perfect maintenance with the latest diagnostic equipment and Original BMW Parts.

■ Cross-border validity
Valid at all participating certified BMW importers and BMW Service-authorised centres, home and abroad.

■ Higher resale value
The benefits of your BMW Service Package are transferred to the new owner if the car is sold within the term of validity (time/kilometre allowance.)

■ Fixed, transparent costs
Complete cost transparency from the point of purchase for the entire term of validiy.

■ One-off payment
You are protected against unexpected price increases.

*Terms and conditions differ as per type of service package.

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  • Your benefits as a second owner


The instant assistance you need whenever you need it.

Enjoy the following services with the Roadside Assistance and 24-hr Emergency Service Programme*:

■ Car recovery to the nearest of Mohamad Yousuf Naghi Motors’ service centres.
■ Car battery jumpstart**.
■ 24-hr services.

Please contact our Roadside Assistance on:
Riyadh : +966 507 011 116
Jeddah : +966 507 022 226
Khobar : +966 507 033 336

* Not included in warranty or service packages, additional charges may apply depending on the service required.
** Not applicable for the BMW i8.

This service is only available in Jeddah, Riyadh and Khobar.